Snow Day Palomas

Winter in the midwest means frequent days with roads that should not be traveled. Today was one of those days. On our way back home from Christmas festivities, we stopped at Crate & Barrel to look around. They were having huge sales on most of their "gift books" and we found An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails! We love it. The illustrations are fantastic, the writing is humorous, and the drinks are pretty simple to make.

The directions are pretty simple, but I slightly altered it to make our own version.

Paloma Directions

-Salt rim of glass with salt
-Fill tall glass with ice
-Squeeze lime juice over ice
-Add 2oz silver tequila
-Add your Jarritos of choice! We used Tamarind, but I've heard Grapefruit is excellent!

These were quite tasty and now I'll be making pork tacos to go with them for dinner. What is your favorite snow day drink? Let me know below!