Cooking 101: Lunch Prep

Life balance is this elusive thing we all chase after. I'm in a season of life where I'm really learning what it means to work hard in many areas. One part of life that I've really grown in the past few months, is food prep. I've found the week goes a lot smoother if I spend one or two nights–usually Sunday and Tuesday–prepping lunches and dinners. It makes the morning a little bit easier when we know there is a lunch ready to go. 

I eat gluten free and love vegetables. My husband is learning to like vegetables and he loves meat and carbs. So really, meals have become a balancing act.

Cooking 101: Lunch Prep //

I started by making some Sweet and Spicy Chicken. I found this in a Real Simple magazine a few years ago. I've made it with chicken breasts and thighs before, both with skin and without. I've been grocery shopping for two weeks at a time recently, so I used chicken breast tenders I had in the freezer.

Cooking 101: Lunch Prep //

It tastes and smells so good! Next up is something I usually make just in the summer. Aldi had a sale on zucchini and yellow squash, so I made it now!

Cooking 101: Lunch Prep //

Sautéed Squash

-Slice veggies
-Sprinkle with seasoning salt and pepper
-Sauté in skillet on medium heat
-Make a second batch after you ate half of the first one

Cooking 101: Lunch Prep //

I also cooked some brown rice pasta from Trader Joe's. We don't have a store near us, so I have a stockpile of rice and quinoa from when we visit home, or when I have someone else buy stuff for me. We need a Trader Joe's. End of story.

I did heat some fresh minced garlic in olive oil till it browned. I drizzled that over the pasta and then shredded some fresh parmesan cheese.

This was just for two days worth of lunch. Sometimes I cook enough for three days, but it really depends on the recipe and how I divide it up for lunches. Next time I make this, I'll probably put less chicken in each container, but add more vegetables.

Happy cooking!