Gluten Free Doughnut Love

If you've known me for more than a month, you probably know I have a slight doughnut obsession. Even since going gluten free a few years ago, doughnuts have been the most difficult thing to resist. So, imagine my pure excitement when I moved and found out a local doughnut truck offered a gluten free flavor every once in awhile. Pandamonium Doughnuts!!

Gluten Free Doughnuts

Anytime they have a gluten free flavor listed on their Facebook page I literally run across campus. Here are today's flavors:

-Heart-Shaped Cherry w/ Organic Cacao Nibs*
-Saigon Cinnamon Sugar
-Maple Bacon Apple Fritters*
-Salted Caramel*
-Chocolate Covered Strawberry 
-Maple Pecan Crunch
-Chocolate Crumble
-Red Velvet 
-GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Cake Strawberry (NEW!)

So I of course immediately told Aaron what the gf flavor was, and he said, "Well obviously you should go get some." Let's keep in mind that it's 10 degrees outside and I forgot my mittens today. Nothing could stop me. I bought three of the gluten free for myself. For Aaron, I bought the flavors I put asterisks by. Can we chalk these up to Valentine's Day treats?

Gluten Free Doughnuts

The doughnut above is a gluten free chocolate candy cane from last December. My all time favorite so far has been a gluten free pumpkin from last fall! I would eat one every day if I could. Also above, the super awesome Pandamonium logo was designed by our friend Scott of Scobar! I'll introduce him on a "Have You Met" post soon!

Another reason I love them: "Bringing specialty, artisan handcrafted doughnuts to the CU! NO Trans-Fat, NO artificial ingredients, NO preservatives! All Natural and Freshly Made!" Deliciousness. Worth every penny. Special rare treats galore.

I wish all the doughnuts were mine. Everyone should come visit me and we can go to the Pandamonium Doughnut truck! In the summer, they are stationed at the farmer's market, and I basically throw my money at everyone there. Just kidding. I'm on a budget.