The Quiet Place

I enjoy silence. I really am an introvert.

My favorite spot in the apartment is the blue couch. It is kind of a disgusting couch, but I love it despite its unattractiveness. I'm honestly just thankful to have a couch.

The Quiet Place

This is where I sit and do a multitude of random tasks. Budgeting, thinking, reading, designing, freelancing, writing, being quiet. My favorite time of day is mid-afternoon on this couch. I sit in the silent apartment, the only sound being cars driving by. It feels like the only time I can really think clearly. I write lists about dreams, goals, to-dos…and I'm just quiet.

I think everyone needs to be okay with quiet. Just being alone with your thoughts. You learn a lot about yourself there. Your fears and dreams really make an appearance in the quiet. It really is a beautiful place.

I challenge you to take 15 minutes this week of just being quiet. Enjoy.