Adventure: Starved Rock State Park

This adventure was the recharge I needed. Starved Rock is gorgeous during any season, but nothing has taken my breath away there the way frozen waterfalls did this past Sunday. I was so giddy the whole drive there, and even during the first part of our hike. You guys. Winter is a beautiful season. The shades of blue, green, and grey. Everything is peaceful.

The paths were completely covered with snow and ice, except a few stairs here and there. We've decided we should probably invest in better hiking shoes for me, and possibly even clamp on ice shoes for the both of us! The hike to this next canyon...was...interesting. I'll leave it at that. The river was also almost completely frozen. Aaron thought the wind blowing across the vastness sounded like a dragon trapped under the icy surface. Correction from Aaron, "But it wasn’t the sound of wind over the ice that made that sound: it was the ice cracking and reverberating in itself as the temperature changed." I wish we would have had more time to gaze at this view, but darkness was approaching quickly.

Such beauty in creation.