Have You Met: Sabrina

I am so excited to start this series of blog posts! Backstory: in college I wanted to start a collaboration of sorts with different creative people, but I never really pursued it. It has been in the back of my mind for a few years now to introduce the creatives I do know. I always have found it encouraging, motivating, and inspiring to talk with other creatives.

Have You Met: Sabrina // An interview with creatives from brianakapper.com

I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful friend Sabrina, of Sabrina Nohling Photography! I've known her since the days of youth group, and it has been so fun to watch her love for photography grow. She took our engagement and wedding photos, and we loved how they turned out. Sabrina is one of the most kind hearted people I've ever met–and I'm always learning more thing about her heart through her Instagram posts. So, let's get on to the interview!

Have You Met: Sabrina // An interview with creatives from brianakapper.com
Have You Met: Sabrina // An interview with creatives from brianakapper.com

Tell us 5 random facts about you.
1.  My grandpa was the purple panda on Mr. Rodgers.
2.  I am an introvert.
3.  Corny jokes and puns are my favorite. For example there is one twitter account I follow (@antijokeapple) and I will laugh so hard I'm crying even if I am by myself.
4.  I am addicted to kombucha (if you don't know what that is you are missing out).
5.  A bear almost attacked my best friend and I once .

When did you get started in photography?
2010 was when I first got started. My mom is a photographer and we are very similar. But I fought that for a long time and even told myself in high school that I would not become a photographer like she was. But then God had other plans and I picked up the camera one day and fell in love. Now it is something my mom and I bond over and can cheer each other on.

Have You Met: Sabrina // An interview with creatives from brianakapper.com

Why do you do what you do? 
It breaks down to what I want my life to be about. That is loving people. As Christ followers, that is our command; to love others more than ourselves. So if loving people is the goal of my life, then I need to figure out how to do that with my gifts. Photography is one of those gifts that comes natural to me and so I use that to serve others. Photos are so special. They capture emotions and memories and can take us back to that place instantly. I am a wedding photographer because the wedding day and all of its emotions need to be remembered for a lifetime. Marriage is such a deep, beautiful thing. It is a picture of two people united together in Christ. Weddings are a celebration and a new beginning and I love being able to capture that. There is something so special about being there for the start of that incredible journey.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be a photographer?
My advice would be to make your business about others and not yourself. It is such a trap that people don't warn you about. You start taking photos and you get praise and recognition and that can go to your head. And suddenly you are doing it for your own fame and name. It takes work and a constant reminder that it isn't about you. That is something I wish I would have learned early on.

Oh and another thing. Don't spend tons of money on editing actions or presets. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money thinking that would make my photos better. And now I don't use a single one of them! Develop your style and learn your camera first. 

What are you looking forward to this year?
It sounds so predictable, but honestly I am excited for all of the weddings. I have the best couples and each of their weddings are going to be amazing! 

What influences your creativity?
Nature probably has the most influence on me. Without sounding like a weird hippie, being outside totally inspires me. Whether that is a sunset, pretty trees, or even just breathing in fresh air. I feel so much more at peace and alive and that translates through my photography. It would make sense then for me to be a nature photographer but I am not. I love people and couples. I am a bit odd in that sense.

Favorite instagram account(s) or blog(s) to follow?

http://southernweddings.com/Southern weddings make my heart feel at home. I love this blog and magazine as a marriage resource and it features beautiful weddings!
http://www.aholyexperience.com/ – I love words, quotes, and other deep writings and these two blogs hit my soul hard every time! 
http://wellnessmama.com/ – I am all about healthy, holistic, natural living and this is my go to for that! 


Those are just a few! I follow a lot of influential, encouraging, Jesus loving people. It inspires me and challenges me! 

Have You Met: Sabrina // An interview with creatives from brianakapper.com

What is your favorite project/thing you've done? 
There are so many! One that stands out right now though is the time I photographed Meredith Andrews. It was in my earlier days when I did families and I randomly reached out to her. I still look back on that and asked if it really happened because it was so random yet awesome.

Coffee or tea?
Tea tea and more tea :) I am totally tea obsessed and drink 5-7 cups of it a day! I have a pretty impressive tea stash too!

You can find Sabrina on the web:

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