Succulent Propagation

In 2013, I bought a bunch of succulents from Walmart. I loved the different shades of green, the weird shapes, and the fact that they're "hard to kill." I decided to try propagating them when I first started planning my wedding. Spoiler alert, they grow really slow and I instead made a bunch of paper cubes for decoration.

Succulent Propagation //

I let the above dish grow for a year before I hacked them to pieces. I carefully followed the instructions found on Needles + Leaves. If you try this, go read her instructions, because they're 10x's better than anything I'll tell you.

After carefully tearing leaves off the succulents, and cutting the top off, I let the pieces harden. After a few days, I put them on succulent soil I found at Walmart. I seriously let them sit on the dirt for months...but I did replant the stems! Those are doing fantastic. The leaves I propagated have a slightly different story. As you can see above, they started sprouting roots and new growth.

Succulent Propagation //

Above are some of the propagated leaves that have been replanted. I brought three pots of succulents to work to place in my office window. They get so much sunshine here and are thriving!

Here is what I've learned: My succulents had a 50% success rate due to random factors. There are still some propagated leaves I've replanted, sitting in my apartment on my desk that haven't really grown much, which means I should probably bring six more pots of these to work, where they will get a ton of sunshine. I think I did overwater in the beginning, causing some of the leaves to mold and others to just shrivel up and die. Succulents LOVE sunshine. I've already mentioned this. I now want more plants. Maybe I'll give air plants a try. Or a ficus. I've heard both of those are hard to kill. Here are 5 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants I might look into. Note: all of them are toxic to dogs and cats. I'm fine with that because we are never going to get pets. Plants will be my pets.

There you have it! My strange succulent propagation adventure!