Finished Project: Radiant

A few weeks ago, I shared the inspiration board for a fun freelance project I was working on. Today I want to share with you the final images! Like I said before, this was a fun out of the ordinary project for me. I am totally in the comfort zone of designing for churches but I hadn't done anything geared just for women.

Finished Project: Radiant //

It's funny. I've been done with this project for a couple months now, and there are still things I might tweak on it. That's the hard part about design for me. I never feel finished. Is anyone else like that? Bueller?

Coming this Friday: the next post in my Have You Met Series! I'm excited to introduce you to my friend Caroline. She is seriously talented and it has been so fun watching her side business grow. See you then!

Inspiration Board: Radiant

One of the most beneficial things taught to me in design school was the importance of process. I thrive with process. One of the key steps in any design project for me is doing research. After talking to my client, picking up on key adjectives and goals, and mind-mapping based on the information, I start researching.

Inspiration Board: Radiant // // Briana Kapper is a graphic designer who loves freelancing for small brands and churches.

One of my most recent freelance projects was a women's conference for a church. I was thrilled to work on a project like this! The girl who hired me for this gig, I worked with at my last job. Since I left, she and her husband moved to Canada, and she works at a church that is actually part of the fellowship of our last church home. Sorry if that is confusing! She was such a joy through this process, and I deeply appreciated that she trusted me to do my thing. 

There was something great about doing the designs for this conference. I worked at a large church for awhile, and have done a lot of freelance for other churches as well. We've always had the target audience of men, so I haven't really gotten the chance to have women as the target audience for a large scale branding project. Maybe I was just excited because I'm a woman? I don't know. It was fun!

Their team wanted something fun and pretty, but it also needed to have staying power. After going through the steps of my design process, I headed in the direction of floral etchings, bold colors, and a classic font for the final design. My inspiration board (above) might seem all over the place, but it really helped me narrow down to the final design theme. We were all really happy with the end result, and I'm excited to share it in a few weeks!