Favorite Drinks for Work

Hey blog world! After a few months, I'm somewhat back, and I thought I'd kick off my return with a list of favorites. Slight backstory though: I started a new job this summer, which was a total unexpected blessing. I love the work I'm doing and can already tell it's a great fit! What I didn't expect about where I'm working, was the amount of coffee I would have access to. I've already had to set limits to how much coffee I'll consume during the day, which led me to thinking about other tasty drinks that would be great in a work environment.

Favorite drinks for work. Water, matcha green tea, instant drinks like Starbucks Via, bubbly water or fruit drinks, and cute mugs for coffee.
  • Drink water. Seriously, drink water. Get a cute water bottle that you enjoy using. Bonus points if it's easy to clean! Some people like to have a filtered water bottle, if the water at their place of employment tastes gross.

  • Find a tea you love the flavor of! I grew up drinking unsweetened tea, both iced and hot, so I enjoy most types. My friend introduced me to this Matcha Maker tea by Good Earth, and the flavors are so lovely. Hints of orange, matcha, licorice root, and ginger root complement the main green tea flavor.
  • Depending on the season, it might be a good idea to have a few types of instant drinks on hand. I love the Cool Lime Refreshers from Starbucks. You can also find instant lemonades, teas, coffee, etc.
  • If you like the bubbly nature of soda, but you don't want to actually drink soda, try a bubbly water or fruit beverage! We love Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages. My favorite flavor at the moment is Pompelmo! It was such a refreshing treat on friday afternoon. Try it! For a cocktail version at home, add tequila and you pretty much have a super super easy Paloma
  • Instead of using the paper cups for coffee at work, I brought my own mug from home! I like having a bright cheery mug at work that doubles as decoration.

I don't drink these everyday, but it's nice to have a variety of choices during the week. Let me know what drinks you like having at work! I'm always looking to try new tea flavors. Happy Monday!

water bottle / matcha maker tea / starbucks via / sanpellegrino / coffee mug